Books for Brains

The ‘Books for Brains’ program of The Future Leadership Institute was founded in 2007. The program consisted of featuring management- and leadership books on the FLI platform in The Wall Street Journal and on various digital platforms related to the Institute.

The Future Leadership Institute believes in promoting good management- and leadership books to her students, partners and public. Publishers are welcomed to share their books with the Books for Brains department via

The Murder of Lehman Brothers featured by WSJ Europe’s Future Leadership Institute*.
Today The Wall Street Journal Europe’s Future Leadership Institute featured “The Murder of Lehman Brothers” in its “Books for Brains” contest. WSJ Europe is highly selective about books chosen for this contest. The Future Leadership Institute counts among its members The London School of Economics and more than 160 other leading European universities.

The Murder of Lehman will again be honored next Thursday when it is featured in “Books for Brains” for a second week..

*(between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)

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