In General

1. The adagio of The Future Leadership Institute says it all ‘Inquirere et Immutare” or “To Study and Reform”. We believe in lifelong learning as a way to grow ourselves from birth till death, not only to just acquire knowledge and skills, but to continuously improve our personal environment and hence society by our actions.

2 A second point of interest is the name of the Institute. It is The Future Leadership Institute, not The Future Leaders Institute. There is a huge difference between studying and exploring ‘leadership’ versus studying or creating ‘leaders’. For one, a ‘leader’ is an individual, while ‘leadership’ may represent a group of people leading an organization, a community or a country. So, not all those who show ‘leadership’ are therefore in essence ‘leaders’. Secondly leaders are initiators of change, while ‘leadership’ is defined by results, as in the impact leaders have on other people by using their abilities to influence others in some way.

Because of these 2 reasons The Future Leadership Institute is interested in exploring and supporting ‘leadership’, more than it is interested in studying or growing classical ‘leaders’. Everybody, also he/she who does not possess the classical skills of becoming a ‘leader’, has the possibility to be involved in ‘leadership’ or ‘leadership issues’, whether it be as a team member in a research group, a co-creator of high-level content, an understudy in a renowned theater play or as the one circling the moon while his colleagues descend to the surface. In order to speak about leadership, all those involved need to excel. So how does that happen ? What are the requirements to have people excel ? What makes us break boundaries ?

The Future Leadership Institute targets those people who want to excel and break boundaries, for themselves, or their teams and projects.

The Future Leadership Institute has two types of educational interaction:
1. Physical
2. Digital

1. Physical
The Future Leadership Institute has developed 4 programs in order to bring people together and create knowledge transfer:
A. Networking Tables
B. Seminars
C. Joint Seminars
D. Conferences

Watch out for all these platforms linked to the topics of your interest on this website. Choose your seminars and register through the proper channels.

2. Digital
The Institute engages in the dissemination of knowledge through digital courses.
More about the digital courses in the weeks to come.

The courses of The Future Leadership Institute are categorized in chapters.
The chapters are:

  • Leadership in Anthropology
  • Leadership in Archeology
  • Leadership in Art
  • Leadership in Automotive
  • Leadership in Crisis Situations
  • Leadership in Economics
  • Leadership in Education
  • Leadership in Engineering
  • Leadership in Finance
  • Leadership in History
  • Leadership in HR
  • Leadership in Innovation
  • Leadership in Manufacturing
  • Leadership in Marketing
  • Leadership in Media
  • Leadership in Medicine
  • Leadership in Music
  • Leadership in Operations
  • Leadership in Paleontology
  • Leadership in Politics
  • Leadership in Print Media
  • Leadership in Psychology
  • Leadership in Science
  • Leadership in Space
  • Leadership in Sports
  • Leadership in Sustainability
  • Leadership in Technology
  • Nobel Prize Research

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