The concept of a virtual institute bringing higher education and industry together was developed by Belgian Gert Van Mol in the early years of 2000.

In 2007 he suggested The Wall Street Journal to incorporate the Institute’s concept in their circulation marketing department as an innovative line-extension. Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried the name The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute.

In 2011 The Future Leadership Institute decided to steer an independent course, focusing on the curation of scientific research. Based on research that links the 7R variant of the DRD4 gene to curiosity and restlessness, Van Mol and his team added 7R as a vanguard to the Institute’s title. Hence the name became “The 7R Future Leadership Institute”. As of 2016 the forefront 7R was removed again, hence the current name of the Institute being: The Future Leadership Institute.

Important divisions within the Institute entail the “International Student Senate” and a TV production unit focusing on the production of scientific documentaries appealing to a broad public.

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