Membership And Donations

1. With your membership “The 7R Future Leadership Institute” will be able to:

  • organize more seminars, conferences and courses
  • grow our content curation department
  • match more students and student leaders with representatives of the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, …) by bringing them around the table of high level third party conferences
  • send more students and student leaders around to 7R partners all over the world, helping them become ‘high potentials’ in their field
  • adopt a strategy of setting up specific thematic chapters bridging university and industry, supporting the growth strategy of our members via our “Leadership Expansion Plans”
  • give you -as a member- a substantial reduction on the ticketing fees of all FLI owned and related seminars, courses and conferences according to the terms and conditions as published on our website
    • For example we will be organizing the Business of Rowing Seminar at the 2016 Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race for max 100 people. Non-members will pay ca 650 euro’s for the day. Members will pay only ca 150 euro’s.
  • offer you a growing network around the FLI brand
  • invite you, in due time, to join a bi-monthly FLI diner
  • build seminars, courses and conferences leading to a certificate of value for all participants, including you as a member
  • invest in several forms of digital education, exclusively available for members


2. Support the International Student Senate, as a part of FLI:

With your support we will be able to:

  • organize a second edition of the Bree/Schilde Summit in 2016
  • fund the International Student Senate as a think tank for elected student leaders


3. Become a shareholder of the Institute:

If this would be of interest to you, please contact us via the Homepage Contact Field for more details.

4. Donate voluntarily:

The Future Leadership Institute is entirely supported by private donations.



For more details on memberships and bankdetails contact: info(at)

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