Problem of the week

Our “Problem Of The Week” Department Explains

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.22.07 AMWe want to include a weekly ‘problem’ on our site.  A problem to which there is only one solution. To fill in this ‘problem of the week’ feature, we would like to ask academia/educational organizations from around the world to contribute, by giving us a problem for 1 week, together with a solution, which we will post a week later. We’d like to use only original problems defined by yourself, and we will add your bio, contact information and a link to the school/organisation you are affiliated with. There will be a chance for people to comment on it as well. 

Requirements for submission are:

  • 1 original problem as defined by you, to which there is only 1 solution. 
  • 1 answer which we’ll publish after one week.
  • your bio
  • a picture of yourself (if you’d like)
  • the school you are affiliated with (permission may be needed from your institution)

If you are interested in contributing a problem to our Problem of the Week Department please submit your problem to Problem of the week Department.

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