Content Curation

Our Content Curation Department Explains

Content Curation

Our Leadership Curation Department searches the globe for leadership content relevant to our audience and members on a daily basis in order to bring it together in one place. We continuously monitor websites, statements and press releases of prestigious universities, business schools, consultants and research networks. Content partnerships are created with relevant parties. We are primarily looking for articles that show scientific discoveries and innovations in the broadest sense possible, only coming from trustworthy sources.

At “The 7R Future Leadership Institute” we believe that scientific discoveries and innovations drive public interest, shape or reshape society, hence showing ‘leadership’. All content is disseminated following proper accreditation rules.

If you are interested to join our Leadership Curation Department on a voluntarily basis, please contact our Volunteer Content Curation Department.  

If you are linked to Institutions creating high level leadership content, please contact our Content Curation Department.


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