Slave Studies Program

FLI Slave Routs 1

Coastal slave house – Ghana


“Freedom University Keta”, in association with “The 7R Future Leadership Institute” is preparing the first on-site Slave Studies program to be held in Africa, based at Keta, on the Freedom University campus adjacent to the infamous slave prison and slave shipping port, Fort Prinzenstein, the epicenter of Gold Coast slavery.

Freedom University Keta is a Non-Profit Educational Institution Registered in Accordance with Ghana Law Registrar General’s Department Section 24 (Act 179) of the Companies Code, 1963.

The 7R Future Leadership Institute is an Educational Institution Registered in Belgium. Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute was temporarily called The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute.

This project is dedicated to the countless victims of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, expressed most vividly in centuries of African slavery during which men, women and children were treated as little more than chattel. Slavery did not cease with its abolition in the nineteenth century, rather, it has continued in myriad forms. Freedom Corps Ghana and its Pioneers represent a new and powerful arm in the battle against the poverty, ignorance, greed and intolerance that feed this evil practice.

FLI Ghana Experience

Music, folk art, dancing, food, celebrations and personal contact with the peoples of Ghana, Togo and Benin, are part of the Slave Study Program.

Slavery and Anlo History Studies – 14 Day Program®
A two week Keta-based program for the study of slavery and Anlo-Ewe history has been developed under the umbrella of the Freedom Corps Ghana (FCG) targetting all who wish to learn more about the history of Black African slavery, and Ghana, the most hospitable and tolerant of all African countries.

More information on the exact dates of the program will be posted shortly.

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