Student Reports Overview

Student Report – Scott Doughty on the Bree/Schilde Summit

A New Outlook
I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to attend the Future Leadership Summit, from November 3rd until November 5th 2010. It was fantastic to be taken around the towns of Bree and Schilde, the setting couldn’t have been much more picturesque. Both the town hall in Bree and Axel Vervoordt’s castle were stunning buildings to view and gave you a real sense of the History. I’ll certainly be listening to the audio book given to us, about the town hall soon.
The task of organising 44 student leaders and the 30 CEO’s, must have presented a massive logistical challenge, almost as difficult I imagine was inviting speakers and scheduling, so that we ‘got the most’ out of the two short days we had together. We have Gert Van Mol to thank for this. Everything occurred without a hitch although I shall remember the return journey for a long time as traffic meant we had to run through Eurostar check in, in order to catch our train.
On the first evening we enjoyed a delicious diner in the town of Bree, had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor and the Architect who refurbished the town hall. This was the perfect way to start the summit as it enabled me and other students to interact, and I shared some very interesting conversations that night.
The second day’s morning presentation on the impact of web 2.0, both on business and life was of particular interest. As during my lifetime I will experience the development of online tools for work collaboration, advertising and social use etc. In a few years I’m sure we will be predicting how Web 3.0 will change things again. Other events were just as interesting and rewarding.
As a result of speaking with the other student leaders, listening to the speakers and questioning others views, I felt that I learnt a lot about the diverse range of leadership styles that I hadn’t realised existed in business and the wider world.
As part of the summit Gert Van Mol has created an International Student Senate. The maxim on the senate’s coat of arms states “Inquirere et Immutare” or “To Study and Reform”. And I’d like to think we were successful in fulfilling this objective, my personal views on leadership have definitely changed.
Meeting so many other students that were interested in issues outside of their disciplines and countries was fantastic, communicating to people who were on the same ‘wavelength’, the debates we shared on many issues went on well into the night and I think for many only their genuine interest kept them focused, during the events.
I am looking forward contributing to the continuing debate, and hope to stay in touch with many of the students I met at the summit. Plans are underway of a pre-Christmas ‘get together’. My hope is that life presents me with an opportunity to work with the wonderful people I met. I want to thank Gert Van Mol and The Future Leadership Institute* for organising the Summit and inviting me.

(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WBIO
Scott has been a student at City University London since 2008. He has been heavily involved in promoting the University and supporting fellow students as a Student Representative, is a member of many societies and most recently became President of the University’s Economics Society. Scott will graduate with a Bsc(Hons) Economics in 2011 after which he plans to enter a “Future Leadership” programme within the banking sector, and eventually hopes to study higher level qualifications; in particular he would like to obtain an MBA. Outside of academia Scott enjoys reading about topics related to behavioral economics and psychology, and particularly about issues relating to the effectiveness of performance-based pay.

Since attending the summit Scott has re-evaluated his leadership style and has begun to effectively implement changes. He recently started an Entrepreneurship society and is working with the team at Nacue. Scott is also attending workshops for a business plan competition at his university called cityspark, he has put together a team of talented individuals and hopes to submit a successful proposal.

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