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The Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Seminar is cancelled due to Coronavirus

On March 29, the legendary Cambridge-Oxford Boat Race will take place in London. Each year, the Future Leadership Institute partakes in the celebration and this year will not be different.

We will leave for London on March 28 to cross the English Channel and visit the landing place of Louis Blériot in Dover. From there we will set off to the Crayford Greyhound Track in Kent for a traditionally British pastime activity, namely the dog races. After a bet, a dinner and a drink, we will depart to the hotel.

After a good night rest, we will start our second day’s program by lunch. By noon we will be welcomed at the London Rowing Club for a walking lunch and an informative session with several speakers from the rowing industry. With London Rowing Club as the host for this seminar, we could not be closer to the start of the event. The Cambridge team will be preparing for the race in the same building and this will provide us with the privilege of seeing the Cambridge team off to the race.

From the terrace of the London Rowing Club the start line of the race is in plain view. After we lose sight of the two teams behind the Hammersmith Bridge, we can follow the race further on the big screen inside the Rowing Club, while enjoying a drink.

When the winner is decided and the commotion dies down, we will guide the participants to a nearby street full of nightlife activities. There the participants can dine and enjoy a cocktail at an establishment of their own choice, ranging from classic English cuisine with a view on the river Themes to hipster cocktail bars. Afterwards, we will meet back at the London Rowing Club to head back home and await next year’s Cambridge-Oxford Boat Race.

If you are interested to join us on this adventure or if you would like to partake in the seminar only, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to

Are you a student in London and would you like to participate in the seminar at the London Rowing Club? Students can partake in this seminar for free! Let us know if you would like to take part in the seminar by sending us an e-mail to

Date: Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Venue: London Rowing Club

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