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Creating a Sustainable Economy


Creating a Sustainable Economy
by EWI from The Flemish Government

Primary Author First Name n.a.
Primary Author Surname n.a.
Full Title Creating a sustainable economy.
Sub Title Investing in the Future.
Publication Date 13-Oct-08
ISBN-13 9789040302800
Binding B
Edition 1
Price € 19,95
Publisher Flemish Government
Subject Economy, Science, Innovation
No. of Pages 192
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The challenges of the 21st century are enormous. Climate change, an increasing world population and diminishing fossil fuels remind us how fragile we are. If we wish to secure our common future, we have to reshape our economy. We do not need any further doom-mongering or tentative discussions, we need to take distinctive action. Creativity, innovation, partnership and a long-term vision are the key concepts. Companies, governments and research institutions join forces. The good news is, it works. Better yet, it pays off! Pioneering companies at home and abroad have shown that investing in sustainability goes hand in hand with developing a healthy, profitable business. Sustainability poses certain challenges, but it also creates a lot of opportunities. Hence, companies need to develop a vision and set up a good business case in order to enhance sustainable economic growth. The book “Creating a sustainable economy” contains a number of cases revealing how diverse prominent figures from the business community deal with the challenges and the opportunities of a sustainable economy. It shows contributions from and about Flanders in Action (VIA), Umicore, Agoria, Volvo Europe Truck, IMEC, Photovoltech, ACP, Voka, the West Flanders Environmental Charter, Alpro, Evelop Belgium, Capricorn Venture Partners, the International Polar Foundation, Business Europe, Fortis, Philips, Bellona, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Foundation on Economic Trends and the Club of Rome. Creating a sustainable economy is a publication of the department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish government (Belgium). EWI promotes the interaction between economy, science and innovation in Flanders. Excellence in scientific research, an attractive and sustainable business climate and a dynamic, progressive society constitute the levers for a thriving and prosperous Flanders.

To read the book, please click the below link:

FLI Creating a Sustainable Economy

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