Leadership in Marketing

Vepec Case Study

Vepec Founder and President Jan Bax

Vepec Founder and President Jan Bax

VEPEC stands for “Vereniging van Promotie en Communicatie” (Association for Promotion and Communication).

VEPEC’s sphere of interest covers:
•commercial communication
•non-commercial communication
•sales promotion

09 September 2008: Networking Table The Future Leadership Institute* prior to the Vepec Case.
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute”)

Topic: Professor Siegfrid Dewitte, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, explains about the influence of nude in advertising.

The Objectivs of VEPEC:
If you are looking for colleagues or persons who have demonstrated their interest in the compelling field of communication, you should know that VEPEC:

1.creates meeting opportunity for communication people;
2.offers you at least ten specialized programmes a year;
3.aims at elevating the advertising standard;
4.charts and tries to defend your occupational interests;
5.gives legal advise;
6.strives for the improvement of the instruction level in advertising;
7.tries to give the entrepreneur a clear insight into and sensitize him for the economic aspects of communication;
8.takes action to effectuate a positive attitude towards advertising in the consumer.

Vepec adresses itself to:
•trade and industry
•publicity and advertising agencies;
•the media

web: http://www.vepec.be
email: hilde.geerts@vepec.be (secretary)
email: jan.bax@vepec.be (chairman)
Tel. +32 3 290 62 44

The Vepec case:
Key speakers:
Harm Van Kessel, marketing manager Playboy and James Magazine
Wei-Sen Khor, marketing manager Philips
Siegfried Dewitte, professor marketing of the Catholic University of Louvain.
The evening was moderated by Goedele Devroy, a Belgian television news journalist.

Click to access Het_Laatste_Nieuws_20080909_p12_162596085.pdf


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