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17 February 2021: FLI Webinar on Japanese business culture & get to know the FLI

Organising committee

The Future Leadership Institute Antwerpen will be organizing a webinar on 17 February 2021. This event will be in English.


The evening will start with a keynote on Japanese business culture from Eddy Van Hemelrijck and Olivier Van Beneden, after which we will conduct a Q&A with all your questions on the topic.

Eddy Van Hemelrijck is a CEO at MAROR NV, a Co-Founder of Emagine Life & Rethinking Economics Antwerp, a lecturer at KdG… Briefly, an experienced speaker with lots of international hands-on experience. He started his career in international barter trade for Janssen Pharmaceutical and ever since lost oneself to the universe of intercultural business negotiations.

Olivier Van Beneden is the Managing Director at Japan Consulting Office. Having had both, studies and working experiences, in Belgium and Japan, he will be able to provide us an extraordinary in-depth analysis of the Japanese business culture.

The second part of the evening will be focusing on The Future Leadership Institute Antwerp. Who are we? What do we do? Why was the FLI founded? Our goal is not only for you to get to know us, but also for us to get to know you.

Are you interested in the Japanese business culture? Seeking new opportunities to expand your network? Curious about The Future Leadership Institute? Simply want to have an educational evening? Then be sure to register before the 13th of February!


If you wish to attend, please register on the Facebook event “Webinar: Japanese business culture & get to know the FLI” of the Future Leadership Institute Antwerp.

Start event

Wednesday 17 February 2021 at 18:30 UTC+01

Register for event:

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