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The Future Leadership Institute team in Antwerp

The staff of The Future Leadership Institute in Antwerp has been decided for the academic year 2020-2021. Despite the difficult time for organizing events and networking, this team of students is looking forward to dedicate themselves to the distribution of knowledge among students and people from the business world alike. They would like to introduce themselves to you.

Luna Geens

Luna Geens, our Junior Member, is currently taking up her Bachelor of Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp. An already clear-headed student excited to manage our Media and Communication as well as the Administration. Relaxed, adventurous, honest and sometimes forthright… but above all strong, please meet Luna Geens.

Vic Van Mol

He is a genius in his field and now starting his 3th year at the university of Louvain where he studies civil engineering. In addition to this he is the president of the FLI Louvain. While this can be considered enough on one’s plate, he is now assisting us as logistics manager. With his adventurous and creative mindset, it is easy to say we can’t miss him in our team. We would like to present to you, Vic Van Mol.

Xander Van Riel

Our second junior member is a guy who always has a story. This is probably due to the fact that he doesn’t shy away from a challenge and will always tell you what he’s thinking. Eager to prove himself, he’s a great asset to our team. Social and positive, he’s always ready to help where needed. Please meet the other half of our logistics team, Xander Van Riel.

Allyson Sleeckx

Allyson Sleeckx, our vice-president, is an A+ student who’s studying office management. Thanks to her broad knowledge of digital strategy, she’s also a wonderful asset to our communication and social media team. Elegance and punctuality are her middle names. She talks a good game and has the necessary passion to go ‘the extra mile’. Passionate, solution-oriented and honorable: Allyson is an absolute power woman!

Lucas Van Riel

Last but not least, our president Lucas Van Riel! He is one of the most dedicated students within the faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Antwerp. His all round interests, like joining the National Reserve in combination with a corporate career, will make sure he becomes one hell of an established person. On top of that, we believe that Lucas is a remarkable leader so we chose him to lead our team through this year.

We wish this team the best of luck!

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