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Baroness Hilde Kieboom: Guiding the youth toward mercifulness and the Christian organizations towards modernity

Partner organisation IMPACT26 organizes a seminar and diner with Baroness Hilde Kieboom.

Baroness Hilde Kieboom is the president of the Saint Egidius community in Antwerp, as well as the international representative of Sant’Egidio. She is committed to various themes, ranging from “young people against terror” to the abolition of the death penalty.

As a university student, Hilde Kieboom founded the Belgian branch of the Italian Sant’Egidio in Antwerp in 1985. She studied Germanic languages ​​and theology and obtained an honorary doctorate at the University of Utrecht. With her concrete and contemporary interpretation of charity and diaconia, she ensures that Sant’Egidio Antwerp can count on more than 1000 volunteers every year. Thanks to her entrepreneurship and her negotiating capacity, the Belgian non-profit organizations of Sant’Egidio are expanding domestically and internationally.

While being the president of the St. Egidius community in 2003, Hilde Kieboom was named Baroness in the nobility because of her commitment to solidarity with the weak in the society and because of her commitment to dialogue and peace by King Albert II of the Belgians. She is regularly invited as a speaker about society and social topics at home and abroad and is the author of various books on social issues.


Practical details:


If you would be interested to join this seminar and diner please contact ekaterina(at)

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Start session: 7 pm

Location: Sant’Egidio, Kammenstraat 51, 2000 Antwerp: The session will take place at the Kamiano homeless restaurant. The meal that we will enjoy is the same meal that the guests of Sant’Egidio are served. 


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