June 03, 2018: The Future Leadership Institute Lunch Combined With ‘Into the Woodlands’ Exhibition At The Museum Of Natural History

In 1217, some 800 years ago, the Charter of the Forest or Carta Foresta was sealed. The Charter gave rights to the free men of Britain to access the Royal Forests. Access to these forests had been the sole privilege of William The Conqueror and his heirs. To celebrate the anniversary of the Charter and 75 years of Wytham Woods, The Museum of Natural History exhibits contemporary woodland-inspired works by Stanley Donwood, Robin Wilson, Robert Macfarlane, Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley and Richard Lawrence.

The Future Leadership Institute organizes a lunch to discuss woodland and conservation policy in Europe. Before the lunch the participants will visit the above exhibition to be inspired.

Sunday 3 june 2018

By invitation only

Event time:
Start visit: 10:00 h
Start lunch: 13:00 h

Museum of Natural History
Parks Road

Venue details:
Wytham Room, first floor

Address to be confirmed by private mail

Charter of the Forest:

Charter of the Forest, 1225 reissue, held by the British Library


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