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September 15, 2016: Education Conference (“Ons Onderwijs”)

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Save the date: 15/9/2016

Education Conference with Professor Wouter Duyck

FLI Wouter Duyck

Professor Wouter Duyck

Venue: Antwerp, Wijnhandel Despert, Zagerijstraat 25, 2960 Sint Job in ‘t Goor

Timing: 19.30h

Public: The conference is for everybody interested in education in Belgium.

Some of the highlights:

  • an investment in education of underpriviliged children yields a return of 7 % per year
  • a child of 16 y in Wallonia knows as much as a Flemish child of 15 y
  • what works for weak students, also works for good students
  • immigrants in the Flemish education system perform better than the European average
  • to study good and well, makes you and society rich
  • it is possible to predict with 95% certainty who will fail and who will succeed at University
  • only 6 out of 10 teachers in the secundairy eductation system (12 – 18y) has the requested diploma
Questions: send mail to
Biography professor Wouter Duyck: click HERE (or go to:

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