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September 7, 2016: Cecil Summit + FLI Lunch

FLI Cecil

Cecil in Hwange National Park

The Future Leadership Institute Seminar Program Oxford:

Lunch program: Table discussion “Global Legalization Trial Escalates Elephant Poaching”
Date: 7 Sep 2016
Lunch: 13 – 16 h
Party: 3
Venue: The Oxford Kitchen (TBC)
Conference: 17:00 – 19:00h
Venue: Blavatnik School of Government, 120 Walton Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 6GG, Lecture Theatre 1 and 2
Speakers: Professor David Macdonald, Alan Rusbridger, Achim Steiner, Professor Craig Packer, Rory Stewart MP OBE
Booking required: via The Future Leadership Institute
In early September, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), together with Panthera, is holding a workshop to consider future initiatives to conserve the African lion. The topic is urgent because numbers of lions have plummeted over the last century from an oft quoted figure of around 200,000 to nowadays closer to 20,000 and falling. The workshop, prompted by global attention given to the death of Cecil the Lion, who had been tracked for years by WildCRU, is the Cecil Summit. The Summit culminates with an open session offering the opportunity to hear the views of top lion experts and also a variety of innovative thinkers from fields such as economics, development, international relations and ethics.

The open session is introduced by Professor David Macdonald, Director of WildCRU, chaired by Alan Rusbridger, Principal Lady Margaret Hall. Discussants will include Achim Steiner, recently Director general of UNEP and as of September 2016 Director of the Oxford Martin School, Craig Packer, leading lion biologist, and Rory Stewart, recently Minister of the Environment and now Minister of International Development.

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