Member News

Growth Strategy In Luxurious Magazine And Event Business Segment

FLI ExclusiefThe 7R Future Leadership Institute is supported by a steady growing group of members. Their membership fees enable the Institute to invest in research and seminars.

One of our new members is Mr. Dany Peleman. Mr. Peleman is a well known entrepreneur in Belgium. For many years he managed a group of talented TV stars such as Astrid Bryan, Ann Van Elsen, Hanne Troonbeeckx, Ellen Petri, Nele Somers, Alizée Poulicek, Zoë Van Gastel, Tanja Dexters, John Bryan, Guy Van Sande, Geena Lisa and Betty Owczarek. Mr. Peleman also joined a company of like minded entrepreneurs called ‘Basesix’, the organizer of countless high level events and a communication agency.

Recently the group acquired ‘The Night of Exclusief’, one of the most notorious events in the Belgian event business, as well as the magazine ‘Exclusief’, a famous magazine about the best things in life already on the market more than 37 years. On May 27, 2015 the magazine under the ownership of Mr. Peleman was officially relaunched in the castle of Brasschaat in Belgium, allowing other members of the Institute to come together and meet each other in a more luxurious setting.


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