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Artisanal Framing Specialist Invents Worldwide Digital Spin-Off

The 7R Future Leadership Institute is supported by a steady growing membership base. In May 2015 Mr. To Baaten, owner of the company ‘Passe Partout’ joined “The 7R Future Leadership Institute”

FLI To Baaten 2Mr. To Baaten is an artisanal framing specialist, running his business out of Antwerp (Belgium) for more than 25 years. As ‘framing’ of paintings and pictures the artisanal way is at risk of becoming an obsolete expertise in our modern society, with more and more traditional framing businesses closing down, Mr. Baaten decided to embrace the digital evolution. He invented the first worldwide online framing business. If you are on the road, and you are confronted with an iconic moment you want to remember or to share with your loved ones, shoot it with your camera or phone, send the picture to “Shoot And Hang”, and within a week you will receive a quality box containing a masterfully framed edition of your picture with framer’s quality glass, a heavy duty backboard and an acid free matboard to conserve and protect your photo over time. Mr. Baaten is also a member of “The 7R Future Leadership Institute”.

FLI To Baaten 5What is Shoot And Hang ?
Your Photo Printed, Framed and Shipped.

Bottom Line ?
2 sizes and 6 colors frames, 1 price: 79 Euro All In. That’s it. Free shipping in 13 European Countries
We professionally print and frame your best photos on your digital device and ship them to you (or anybody else!).

Our website ?

FLI To Baaten 7In detail ?
Picture this: You have this great digital image on your smartphone, tablet or other digital device, among the many others you keep there. If you want to hang this picture on your wall (or someone else’s wall) in a manner that stands out, you can either print it yourself or have it printed. Either way, you’ll need to think up a matching frame, have it made, or find and adjust an existing one.
You’ll probably need glass, a mat, backboard and a hanging system.
You’ll need to have the picture framed.
Maybe you want to send the framed picture to someone as a gift?
Don’t say ‘Moments to Remember’, say: “Moments to Shoot And Hang”

What we can do for you ?
We are bespoke framers for nearly 25 years in Antwerp, Belgium.
We built a web application to provide a unique and superb framing service. We called it Shoot And Hang!

  • You ‘ll be able to upload your picture onto our web application, adjust it, choose a frame and the color of the mat and have your framed picture sent to you or anybody else. Just two sizes (37 x 37 and 37 x 45) cm, the frame comes in six colors. No hassle smile-emoticon
  • You can even include a nice note. For free! Make your gift more personal.
  • We’ll print your picture with an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 on Smooth Pearl Fine Art Paper, as advised by the Fine Art Trade Guild. You want to keep the finest details in your picture.
  • Your perfectly printed picture will be vacuum pressed at 75° C. to keep it absolutely flat, mounted with an acid free, beveled mat. No wrinkles, dust particles or discolorations… even after years.
  • Choosing your frame has never been more easy, we ‘ve put all of our experience in the web application. Carefully selected frames and mats to ensure a perfect match for your picture.
  • A choice between protective normal framer’s glass or anti-glare glass in museum quality If it were my picture, I’d go for the anti-glare…
  • Your picture safely packed in a specially designed box, ready for transport to you or someone dear to you. If your frame gets damaged in transit, we’ll replace it. Nobody likes a bad experience, right?

FLI To Baaten 8All for 79 euro, including VAT and shipping within 13 countries of the European Community. And no extra charges for creditcard payments.

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