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Insight Out – Get Ideas Out Of Your Head And Into The World

by Tina Seelig

Insight Out - Get Ideas Out of Your Head and into the World

Insight Out – Get Ideas Out of Your Head and into the World

What if there were a clear set of instructions to help you bring your best ideas to life? As with a recipe, you could take a compelling idea and with concrete steps, transform it into something extraordinary. 

As a professor at Stanford University, Tina Seelig has dedicated her career to teaching the practice of moving from imagination to implementation. In Insight Out, she welcomes you into her classroom and crisply defines the core concepts of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, presenting an elegant and much-needed model she calls the “Invention Cycle.” This new approach enables you to see obstacles as opportunities, inspire others to share your vision, and ultimately bring more ideas to fruition.

Filled with surprising research, examples from her Stanford classroom, and stories from around the world—charity: water, Amazon, Lego, Lyft, Virgin, and more—Insight Out offers essential and unexpected strategies that will help bring even the slightest flicker of an idea to life. Equally useful for students, educators, entrepreneurs, and would-be innovators in all fields, this is an essential road map for anyone who wants to get their ideas out of their head and into the world.

Praise for Insight Out…

“This book will make you smarter, more creative, more original and more innovative. It’s valuable both for individuals who want to turbo-charge their own performance, as well as companies and the leaders within these companies: anyone who is looking for more innovation MUST read this book!” 

—Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth

 “Tina Seelig draws from the halls of Stanford to the walls of start-ups to distill the secrets of successful entrepreneurs. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established professional, Insight Out will be your essential guide for converting your ideas into impact.”

                  —Liz Wiseman, bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts

 “The Silicon Valley entrepreneurship story has taken an outsized place in our understanding of innovation. Tine Seelig explains how the skills of creativity, invention, and entrepreneurship can be pursued in every walk of life, and even better, how they can be taught.” 

                    —Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Inc. 

 “Insight Out elegantly illustrates how to move from imagination to innovation, and inspiration to implementation.”
                    —Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

 “Tina Seelig presents a provocative pathway to bringing your ideas to fruition. Illustrated with inspiring examples, this book leaves plenty of room for defining your own choices as you move through the entrepreneurial process.”
                    —Geoff Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm

“Tina is well-known as one of the best, most inspiring teachers on Stanford campus. Many of the current generation of leaders in Silicon Valley were once students that she personally mentored. With Insight Out, Tina uses her characteristic analytic insight to unpack creativity and innovation, helping dispel the myth that these are magical powers available only to a lucky few.”
                   —Justin Rosenstein, Co-Founder, Asana

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