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Inside the Arab Revolution

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FLI Koert Debeuf

Inside the Arab Revolution: Three Years On The Front Line Of The Arab Spring
by Koert Debeuf (Author)
Guy Verhofstadt (Foreword)

Paperback – September 30, 2014
This is not an Arab Spring. This is an Arab Revolution of the magnitude of the French Revolution. Historian, political observer and opinion-maker Koert Debeuf draws this conclusion from three years of living and working in the heart of the Arab world. Having traveled extensively in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and Turkey, he saw from the first row history unfolding. From Tahrir Square to Taksim Square, between teargas, bullets and bombs.

This book gives unique insight into the real fights and frustrations of the Arab Revolution. It shows how blogs and social media can change the course of history, how individuals do make a difference and why the Arab Revolution is just the beginning of a profound transformation. In this compilation of blogs, articles and essays the reader begins to understand the complex realities and ideas behind the revolutions from Tunisia to Turkey. Some of the pieces even influenced Arab and international politics. In a foreword, Guy Verhofstadt, president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and former prime minister of Belgium (1999-2008), sets out a new vision of European cooperation with the Arab world.


FLI Koert Debeuf Sept 18 Oxford University

18 September 2014: Koert Debeuf: “My book presentation at Oxford University. With a fascinating academic discussion and – of course – a glass of Port at the end.”


FLI Koert Debeuf House of Lords

16 July 2014: Koert Debeuf: “My book presentation tonight in the House of Lords of the British Empire. Loved it”

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