European Regional Economic Forum - EREF

The European Regional Economic Forum – EREF 2010

Topic: Building Human Capital for European Regions

07 June 2010 | Joint Seminar | Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Organizing Committee: The Forum is co-organised by the Slovenian Government and the Municipality of Nova Gorica, under the high auspices of the Committee of the Regions. The event will be sponsored again by companies HIT, Nova Gorica, and Kapsch, Vienna.
The Future Leadership Institute: Media Partner


HIT Hotel Perla (event held here) (4-star)
Kidričeva 7
Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Tel: +386 5 336 30 00
Fax: +386 5 302 88 85


As on previous occasions, the event will focus on some key aspects of developing knowledge society in the “EU-2020” Strategy. Therefore the title of the Forum: “Competencies and Values for Sustainable, Knowledge-based Competitiveness – A New Agenda for European Regions” as decided at the close of EREF-2009.

The Brussels Steering Committee and the Nova Gorica Organizing Committee have decided to structure the Forum this year in a very interactive fashion – allowing participants to be much more active than in the past. Most of the time we will discuss the selected topics within 10 thematic tables. Another novelty: the recommendations from the preparatory workshops will be presented already the first morning, so that they will provide the “fil rouge” for our discussions.

Given today’s climate of global economic crisis and the interdependence of economies, the need for a highly developed and mobile human resource base – capable of creating knowledge value – has grown all the more critical for Europe. It is not enough for Europe to become globally more competitive, it also has to become more attractive for worldwide talent, and to stop the damaging brain drain.

How will EREF 2010 address these challenges? The Triple Helix policy makers and knowledge stakeholders will openly explore and discuss possible, practical solutions to the problems of future knowledge society. Forum participants will be acquainted with selected European and worldwide best practice.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take part in the discussions at the Forum, and to shape the recommendations also by taking part in preparatory workshops: on 23 April in Graz (Role of Foreign Direct Investment), on 11 May in Istanbul (Knowledge Transfer, and attracting Scientific Talent through Communication with Diasporas) and on 21 May (tbc) in Gorizia (Developing Competencies and Values for Sustainable Development of European Regions).

As previous two years a separate meeting of regional and local “Lisbon Coordinators” will take place on 7 June, and an additional new activity is scheduled for 8 June afternoon and 9 June morning: the first conference of regional development agencies from countries of South Eastern Europe. Attendance to this extra event is subject to a fee of EUR 200.-

Otherwise, once again, thanks to our generous sponsors, there is no fee for Forum itself. Also, as in previous years, EREF participants will enjoy special rates on Adria Airways flights from all European destinations to Ljubljana. The 4 star Hotel Perla in Nova Gorica (conference hotel) is providing EREF participants with special rates, and the Ljubljana – Nova Gorica highway is completed, so you will reach the destination in about 90 minutes maximum.

Regional policy makers, business people and knowledge stakeholders will meet to discuss possible joint ­projects, including those to be co-financed by the EU. To prepare for these meetings, please feel free to send us your project fiches, as well as to indicate whom you would like to meet during the Forum in private. The list of participants will be available at the EREF Portal ( shortly.

Draft EREF-2010 Programme (18/3/2010)

DAY ONE – 7 June
08.00 – 09.00 Registration
09.00 CIZELJ Boris, Chair EREF
09.05 BRULC Mirko, Mayor MONG
09.10 PAHOR Borut, PM of Slovenia
09.20 Johannes Hahn, Commissioner (invited) Regions in the EU-2020 Strategy
09.35 Mercedes Bresso, President, Committee of Regions (invited) Evaluation of the Progress in Building Knowledge Society in European Regions
09.50 Maria João RODRIGUES (invited) Lessons from Lisbon Agenda and moving towards EU-2020

Workshop Reports
10.00-10.45 Workshop Rapporteurs Recommendations from the preparatory, topical Workshops (4 x 10 minutes)
10.45-11.25 SEE Workshop Rapporteurs Recommendations from the Regional Workshops (4 x 10 minutes)
11.25-11.40 Coffee Break
11.40-13.00 Thematic Tables – Session I
— Sustainable Development & Paradigme Change for Knowledge 2 Society – M.Mulej, P.Raspor;
— EU-2020 and knowledge society developments – M.Rodrigues, Spanish EU Presidency;
— Building Competencies & Values through University Reforms – Workshop rapporteur
— Potential and Challenges of Business- Academia Collaboration – EC DG EDUC;
— Corporate Social Responsibility and knowledge-based competitiveness;
— Knowledge transfer through Communication with Diasporas Argentina Szabados, IOM; M.Morgandi, IBRD and TUBITAK;
— Role of FDIs in strengthening Regional Competitiveness – K.Sauvant, M.Svetlicic;
— Benefits of full Gender Equality in Corporate Decision-making – Halla Tomasdottir; A.K.Mrčela;
— Accelerated development of candidates through Accession Preparations – dr.V.Matejić;
— Role of Regional Institutions in enhancing knowledge economy – D.Huebner, MEP;
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30 -16.00 Thematic Tables – Session II
(continued session, participants may change their thematic tables)
16.00-18.00 3rd Meeting of Regional/Local Lisbon Coordinators

Moderator: Slovenian State Secretary Andreja Jerina
20.00 Dinner at Perla Hotel + Evening Program

DAY TWO – 8 June
09.30 Presentations of 5 selected good practice cases (5 x 10 minutes)
To be selected by EREF Brussels Steering Committee
10.30-11.00 Questions and discussion
11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-12.55 Moderators of thematic tables reporting (10 x 10 minutes)
12.55 Adoption of EREF-2010 Resolution
13.00 Adoption of the topic and date for EREF-2011 and closing of the Forum
13.00 Farewell Lunch
Add-on Event
(8 June)
14.00 RIBN Network Annual Meeting
15.00 First Meeting of Regional Development Agencies from South Eastern Europe Co-organized by SBRA and CDCR in co-operation with RCC and EURADA
18.30 Close of the first day

DAY THREE – 9 June
(9 June)
9.30 Workshop on Evaluation of Project Consulting Services
14.00 Closing of the Meeting followed by Farewell Lunch

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