Student Reports Overview

Student Report – The Future Leadership Summit

The Future Leadership Institute* brought together student representatives from different disciplines and diverse backgrounds from both the top Business schools as well as undergraduate courses in Europe. The focus of the forum was to debate, discuss, contemplate and learn about issues concerning economics, governance and leadership.  The forum was outstanding in the aspect that it also brought together 30 CEOs from some of the top organizations in Europe and coupled these business leaders with the student leaders. For me this was the most interesting part of the summit. I had the opportunity to interact first hand with the Chairman, Europe of Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Jan Muhlfeit. This interaction was the highlight of the forum for me. We discussed global issues both from a macro and micro-economic point of view, platform based strategies and most importantly corporate social responsibility. We agreed on the fact that the only sustainable way of doing business was by being socially responsible. The Future Leadership Institute* is a fantastic initiative in stimulating thought and is definitely a concrete step in learning from the very best.

Aneek ChoudhuryBIO
Aneek Choudhury
Aneek Choudhury is currently pursuing the international MBA at IE Business School. As the president of the IE Technology and Innovation Club, Aneek strives to showcase the necessity of harnessing technology and innovation for sustainable business growth. Aneek also feels that in today’s globalised world being socially responsible is an important aspect of doing business and that diversity is a key strength which can make a difference in an organizations success, consequently he strives to contribute as the Vice-President of the IE Net Impact club. In being the General Secretary of the IE China club Aneek demonstrates an international mindset with a focus on the emerging markets. Prior to his MBA Aneek has experience in ERP implementations in large organizations with a focus on change management. Aneek is also a qualified mechanical engineer.

(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)

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