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Student Report – Luc Smets on the Bree/Schilde Summit

“Inquirere et Immutare” (“To Study and to Reform”) was the slogan during the 2-day FLI summit in Bree/Schilde. And yes, we had a lot of interesting debates around insights and exchanges of ideas from different perspectives related to future leadership.
That social media will play an important role from today is a fact. How this will evolve and what steering forces it will provide on future behavior and leadership of Corporations is not crystal-clear. As one of the older student leaders I do believe in the power and added value of social media, but chose to remain pragmatic by not over-evaluating its importance. It will earn its place in business as well as in leisure, with the right balances over time.

We had very very interesting lectures. One in particular I would like to mention here. Walter de Brouwer (CEO of One Laptop Per Child Europe) shared with us some interesting thoughts, such as “get rid of the assholes”, “if you want friends, go to a summer camp (rather than setting up a company)” and “fail to the top (don’t be afraid to fail)”. His presentation was inspiring and provocative based on “thinking out of the box”.
I would like to thank the initiators, organizers of the Future Leadership Institute* and sponsors of this event, as one of the best in his kind. Last of all I would like to thank all my colleague student leaders who made the happening very attractive and unforgettable, really something to repeat in the future.

Luc Smets FLIBIO
Luc Smets
 (President Student Government MBA Solvay)
Luc graduated in mechanical-electrical engineering (ir, Ing). He completed a Post-graduate Business Administration (at Leuven University) during his Belgian military service.
Luc is working for 20 years within the ExxonMobil organization in many different positions and locations within BNL, including several assignments. Luc is holding today the position of Mechanical & Engineering Manager (Director) at ExxonMobil Chemicals Films Virton manufacturing site, where he has the daily lead over 75 employees and on average 20 contractors.
Beyond his professional career Luc is second year part-time MBA student at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. Luc is President of the Student Government during his second year MBA. The Student Government counts around thirty elected student representatives of the three cohorts (full time and two years part-time). Luc is always looking for challenges and stretch. He is international marathon runner (a/o New-York, Boston, Berlin) & ultra-runner. He is member of the MMC (Managers Marathon Club).

(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)

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