Leadership in Finance

Cambridge University and Investment Club – CUIC: Top Bankers Diner

Queens College, Cambridge, UK, CUIC Seminar 1

Queens College, Cambridge, UK, CUIC Seminar 1

Topic: Top Bankers Diner
Organizing Committee: CUIC, Cambridge University and Investment Club
Media Partner: The Future Leadership Institute*
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute”)
Venue: Queens College, Cambridge, UK
04 December 2008 | Networking Table FLI | Queens College, Cambridge, UK

List of attendees
William Janeway Warburg Pincus
Hugh Moran Bank of America
Dennis McLeavey CFA Institute
Rory Johnston Deutsche Bank
Dominic Williamson Bank of America
Tamary Dryden Barclays Capital
Sarah Herbert Blackstone
Hari Chandran Blackstone

 cuic 1
Executive Summary

CUIC is the only student investment society at the University of Cambridge and one of the most prominent in Europe. The Club assembles all members of Cambridge University, both undergraduates and post-graduates, most particularly students who are keenly interested in the functioning of the financial markets. CUIC offers all its members the opportunity to get involved in managing its growing Investment Funds and provides them with the opportunity to develop their interests in Finance & Investments through a wide selection of introductory and in-depth lectures and carefully chosen company encounters so as to put a career in the financial services industry onto their list of choices.
The 2008/2009 committee has now designed a new plan of strategic development which ultimately aims to create the most successful and professional student investment society in Europe. The Club currently operates a Relative Return Fund (long-only asset manager investing predominantly in large-cap UK equities) and a newly introduced Absolute Return Fund (advanced trading strategies). Its members are divided into industry-specific and product-specific sectors and encouraged to discover, develop and execute interesting investment ideas.
For the year 2008/2009 the committee has developed a new growth initiative – and would like to invite both current and potential sponsors to help us realize our ambitious plans for the future:

  1. Launch of two new funds – Emerging Markets Fund and Real Estate Investment Fund. These would allow students to develop an appreciation of a variety of markets and investment strategies; concurrently increasing student involvement within the funds.
  2. Partnership with the Judge Business School’s Masters in Finance program and Department of Land Economy’s Masters in Real Estate Finance program would allow more experienced students to get involved in the activities and development of the Club.
  3. Our existing relationships with academics at the University, alumni, partners, sponsors and City professionals will be strengthened through the launch of a Certificate style Lecture Series, discussions, conferences and career events.
  4. An active alumni network will be established which allows effective networking between alumni and members.
  5. The Club will work on widening its partnerships with similar student societies in the UK, Europe and overseas, and organise competitions and exchanges between them.
  6. We will become actively engaged in philanthropic activities in order to demonstrate and further strengthen our commitment to education.
  7. Establishment of an Advisory Board to oversee the development of the society and operations of the various investment funds
  8. A Recruitment Partnership which will be focused on providing students advice on careers in the financial services industry and publish a CUIC Resume Book
  9. Development of a Virtual Trading Platform for individual members to trade against their peers, with the opportunity to execute their own strategies

About CUIC

Founded in 2001, CUIC is the prime investment society in Cambridge. The Club is a student-run society under the patronage of the Judge Business School. Over the last 7 years, The Club has undergone a very successful period of strong performance, broadening its operations and expanding its membership. The Club is now open to both undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as MBA’s of the University of Cambridge interested in financial markets, company & market analysis and all types of investments.
CUIC offers its members the opportunity to engage in one of the most exciting leisure time activities by getting involved in managing the Club’s Investment Fund as well as to get exposure to career opportunities in finance and banking. The Club’s purpose lies in the strengthening of its members’ knowledge of financial markets, the finance profession and investment strategies.
Both experts and beginners are invited to further their investment knowledge in a conducive group environment. In fact, the Club provides beginners with tools, teaching and advice necessary to learn about analysing companies, sectors and markets. Through the exchange of ideas and experiences in small industry and investment strategy teams as well as via presentations, guest speeches, lectures and networking events CUIC offers a great training ground for those interested in the financial markets and job opportunities in finance.
Since its inception in 2001, CUIC has been growing continuously and now comprises of over 1000 student members reflecting the diversity of the society. About 45% of members read finance, economics and management, 30% come from a science, mathematics or engineering background and 10% from law, political and social sciences. What unifies the CUIC membership is a keen interest in finance and an unparalleled exposure to the field.
An Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Marketing & Events manages the Club. In addition, The Club will benefit from advice of our Senior Advisors who are either academics from Economics or Finance backgrounds or finance professionals. We consider their experience and insight crucial to our success.
The members of the traditional fund, The Relative Return Fund (RRF) are to be grouped into small industry-specific teams managed by a Sector Head. Sector Heads will then report to a Fund Manager with overall responsibility for the RRF. The RRF Fund Manager himself reports directly to the President.
The members of the newly established Absolute Return Fund (ARF), Emerging Markets Fund (EMF) and Real Estate Fund (REF) are to be grouped into small single-strategy teams managed by a Team Leader. Team Leaders will then report to a Fund Manager with overall responsibility for the ARF. The ARF Fund Manager himself reports directly to the Chief Investment Strategist.
By dividing the Club’s members into industry-specific sectors groups and strategy teams, each individual is encouraged to discover, develop and execute interesting investment ideas within these groups. Within the longer-term RRF these ideas are then presented to the membership at Investment Decision Rounds at the end of every academic term. A vote is taken at the end of the Investment Decision which then determines the allocation of capital between the individual sectors and specific stocks. Within the short-term ARF decisions are made on a weekly/daily basis by the team leaders under stringent risk control.
As our members progress throughout the Club, we offer them opportunities to assume more responsibility and become one of our Sector Heads and Team Leaders and/or join the Executive Committee.
The Club is run by extremely passionate, enthusiastic and focused people who strive to build the most successful student investment club in Europe.
The CUIC Executive Committee

Growth Initiative 2008/2009

Next year’s targets for The Club are very ambitious, yet relatively simple. In our core business, i.e. The Investment Fund, we want to be involved in a broader range of investment strategies, delivering higher returns and lower volatility in changing market conditions. In terms of general activities, we want the Club to serve a large membership base and to offer its members more services of a higher quality. Moreover, the planned initiative will give the Club’s members a greater range of opportunities to become involved, apply and broaden their knowledge more effectively, and gain hands-on experience in their area of interest.
More specifically, we want to improve The Club’s performance in two inter-connected areas – education and careers. Ideally, we would like The Club to act as an intermediary between the highly skilled Cambridge talent market and the increasingly competitive demand for this talent from the financial sector. With regards to the Cambridge talent market, we believe that The Club offers a completely unique opportunity for its partners and sponsors.
The Club is closely affiliated to the Judge Business School and several departments of the university. Further, many of our members, Sector Heads and Committee members actually study at the JBS, mostly on MPhil Finance programmes. Finally, many of our events take place in the JBS building and our members often draw on resources provided at JBS.
We believe that CUIC is the only student society whose membership includes students both from the Business School and the University itself, as well as students from all backgrounds and degree disciplines. We therefore provide a unique opportunity to access the different recruitment markets at the same time, i.e. undergraduates & postgraduates at the University, as well as Masters and MBA students at the Business School.
We want to offer our members an opportunity to find out more about the financial sector, the different opportunities, divisions, organisations and career paths available. We want to offer our partners and sponsors an opportunity to get the best exposure to these highly talented and motivated people, as well as allow our partners and sponsors to choose the right people.
Finally, in terms of philanthropic activities, we want to find suitable partners who will allow us to make the most efficient use of our returns in order to make a real difference in both local and global communities with emphasis on education.
The Investment Funds
The Club currently operates a long-only asset manager investing predominantly in large-cap UK equities (now the RRF) and a successfully introduced Relative Return Fund, which is involved in more advanced trading strategies.
By introducing two more funds aimed at more specific sectors the club aims is to:

  • diversify risk by hedging its long-equity exposure and investing in a broader asset spectrum
  • diversify its membership by attracting novices and experts in investment management alike
  • provide opportunities for personal growth by allowing more experienced members to develop and execute more sophisticated investment strategies
  • “fast-track” the most talented and passionate members,
  • and provide our sponsors with a talent base with a broad skill set in finance

The Relative Return Fund (RRF) will continue to operate in the current way with several smaller amendments. It is currently sub-divided into 7 industry-specific sectors. We plan to reduce the size of individual sector teams in order to give our members more exposure and more responsibility and create opportunities to take initiative and develop new skills. Further, we plan to allow short-selling to the extent of 10-15% of the overall portfolio value. Finally, in cooperation with our Risk Management team sitting in the ARF, we would like to allow the RRF teams to hedge some of their exposure, e.g. by shorting commodities in order to have a market neutral position in a promising mining stock.
The Absolute Return Fund (ARF) will be based on small single-strategy teams and product groups. We interview prospective candidates for the ARF in order to ensure that we recruit only candidates with sufficient financial knowledge and market understanding – candidates who do not meet these expectations will be given an opportunity to join the RRF, EMF or REF and work on improving their skills before applying for the ARF again. Further, a risk management and control system is currently being developed which will allow us to monitor the individual teams, their performance, positions, risk and exposure on daily basis.
The Real Estate Fund (REF) will predominantly seek to invest in securities of listed real estate firms involved in a variety of developments (Commercial, Retail, Residential and Mixed-Use). Initially the exposure shall be limited to firms listed on the FTSE and a few major global indices. Apart from investing in securities, the fund shall allocate a portion of its portfolio towards investments in REIT’s; once again, only those listed on the London AIM and major global indices. This initiative shall be run in collaboration with the Department of Land Economy’s Masters in Real Estate Finance program; concurrently providing students an opportunity to practically learn the functioning of real estate investments. In order to aid the decision making process, members of the fund will have exclusive access to the Reuters Real Estate Monitor to conduct their research and analysis.
The Emerging Markets Fund (EMF) will focus its resources towards capitalizing on the exponential growth currently experienced in the BRIC economies. It will operate as a long-only asset manager and will be administered similar to the Relative Return Fund. Initially the fund will seek to invest in uncorrelated securities of firms across industries and geographic regions. A portion of the portfolio will also be allocated towards investments in Emerging Markets Exchange Traded Funds. This initiative will allow students the opportunity to trade in a more dynamic and volatile environment, hereby sharpening their investment skills. Additionally, it will help develop an appreciation of the functioning of different economies.
More Talks, Lectures, Discussions, Trading games, Career events
By building on the success of the 2007/08 year and strengthening our relationships with academics at the University, alumni, partners, sponsors and City professionals, we want to introduce a variety of talks, lectures, discussions, trading games and career events for the Club members. Some of our initiatives are outlined below:

  • The 2nd CUIC MasterClass – a two-day extensive workshop for students aspiring for a career in the financial services industry
  • M&A Case Study Competition – a simulation of a typical M&A transaction involving the presentation of a detailed pitch book and analysis
  • Training Program for Sector Members – introductory training program to all sector and fund members on basic principles of investing and accountancy
  • Certificate Style Lecture Series – a structured program to allow students to learn from the experiences of successful investors and bankers
  • Student Conference – a one-day student conference organized in collaboration with the Judge Business School

We also aim to establish an active alumni network and allow effective networking between alumni and members. This should be largely facilitated by the internal part of the new website which is to contain a bespoke application which will allow our members to create their own personalised profiles with information about their education, experience and career focus, incl. a CV, and to communicate effectively with each other. We aim to track our alumni back to 2001 and try to attract them to join the network.
National and international partnerships
The Club will work on establishing partnerships with similar student societies in the UK, Europe and overseas. The purpose of such partnerships is manifold, however, two of the most important ones are running competitions and organising trips and exchanges. The Club has already successfully collaborated with several organisations from UK, Europe, Singapore and US and recently was a founding partner of the Merrill Lynch Inter-University Trading Challenge.
Apart from liaising with student societies, over the forthcoming academic year CUIC shall be collaborating with several organizations with the aim to provide its members access to a gamut of resources and facilities. At the moment we are in advanced discussions with several organizations and seek to establish the following partners:

  • Recruitment Partner
  • Educational Partner
  • Media Partner

Website development – internal and external
We understand that the execution of all of the aforementioned activities and ideas will be crucially dependent on the development of a new website, including both external presentation and internal communication channels, networking tools, the management & research system and risk control & reporting system. A detailed and exhaustive specification and documentation have been designed and are currently being developed through outsourcing in Eastern Europe in order to minimise the cost for The Club and extract the highest possible value.
In short, the website should allow The Club to communicate effectively with all of its stakeholders, both external and internal. In fact, we are developing a proprietary management, research, risk control and evaluation system which should allow The Club to progress onto another level and start operating on a much more professional basis.
We are very happy to discuss the specific technical details, functions and overall structure of the new website with anyone who is interested.
By becoming actively engaged in communities and getting involved in philanthropic activities, we want to demonstrate and further strengthen our commitment to education. We will use returns generated by The Club to fund various charitable activities, thereby offering our partners and sponsors an opportunity to ‘donate twice’.
Firstly, by allowing talented and passionate young individuals to learn and educate themselves about financial markets and get an invaluable experience in managing risk and capital; and secondly, by supporting education in other communities indirectly through The Club’s philanthropic activities.
Finally, by delegating the responsibility to make decisions about the specific use of this money to The Club’s members, our partners and sponsors significantly support and encourage development of an open society and social responsibility of individuals and hence corporations.
Establishment of the CUIC Scholarship at the Judge Business School

  1. The focal part of our profit is to be used to establish a partial scholarship for a student pursuing a MPhil Finance at the Judge Business School. This scholarship will take the form of an annual award for the best academic performance of a MPhil in Finance student who will be continuing towards a PhD in Finance. The scholarship is intended to support students pursue research in finance. The academic criterion for the award will be entirely decided by the Course Director at the Judge Business School. This is a mere indication of our strong commitment to promoting education in Finance.
  2. Essay competition for A-level students on a finance-related topic
    We have indication that teachers and lecturers from both schools and universities throughout the UK would be interested in organising such essay competitions, incl. marketing, topics selection, administration and marking the essays themselves.
    The Club would like to support such initiatives and provide these competitions with financial resources sufficient to run the competition and pay for prizes for award winners.
  3. Purchase of books to be donated to local libraries
    Although the Club is fortunate to be able to benefit from having access to various university, college, faculty and departmental libraries around Cambridge, some books relevant to The Club’s purpose are not offered in a sufficient number of copies and/or cannot be borrowed for a longer period of time.
    We would like to use a part of our profits to remedy this significant problem by purchasing the most sought after texts (finance, markets, investment, derivatives, financial mathematics, careers-related books, industry experience books, biographies etc) and donating them to relevant local libraries. The books would be permanently labelled as having been donated by CUIC and would feature our partners’ and sponsors’ logo.

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

What we look for
This section briefly summarizes the level of input & involvement we would ideally like to see from our partners and sponsors. We are, however, completely open to discuss these with you and we will try to find a more suitable solution if appropriate.

  1. Financial Support
    By definition of being an Investment Club, our position is somehow difficult with regards to our financing needs, for our expenses are twofold – firstly, we need to raise sufficient capital for both of our funds which will allow them to operate without loosing all of their money on commissions; secondly, we need to raise enough to cover our expanding operations, including development of the new online platforms, both internal and external, marketing and events. A detailed budget forecast is enclosed below.
    We appreciate that the amount we are raising is comparably high for a university society; however, we strongly believe that firstly, these expenses are justified and secondly, our partners and sponsors will benefit significantly from our cooperation and we therefore offer a good value for money.
    Finally, the potential for growth and success of The Club, and hence for an extraordinary level of exposure for our partners and sponsors is more than promising. We believe we offer an attractive sponsorship opportunity as it is, however, should we succeed and fully meet our internal targets in terms of The Club’s performance and development, the benefits for our partners and sponsors will grow exponentially.
  2. Direct & Indirect Involvement
    Ideally, we would like our partners and sponsors to become closely involved in both funds, as well as our other activities. We hope that you will be equally interested in developing our relationship further and see a broad range of opportunities to do so. We are keen to have our partners’ and sponsors’ staff appointed as senior advisors to The Club so that they could provide their views and advice to key decision makers in both funds and The Committee. Equally, we have found it extremely beneficial for both parties to have professionals from the business come and take part in our key events, such as the Investment Decision, followed by an opportunity for informal networking.
    Importantly, there seems to be substantial interest within financial organisations’ staff to take part in such schemes and/or come and visit The Club’s events, particularly as many of them are Cambridge (or even CUIC) alumni themselves.
  3. Lectures, Talks, Discussions, Trading Games, Networking
    We plan to invest substantially in the quality and the number of events we organise. The value of attending such events for members, as well as partners and sponsors, is evident. We hope that our partners and sponsors would take a keen interest in such events, e.g. by providing speakers, discussion moderators and staff to help organise trading games, as well as business representatives for networking events.
    While we plan to use our experienced members to lecture beginners on relevant topics, including company, market & technical analysis, valuation, strategies and various careers-related topics (CV Skills, Applications help, Interview & Assessment Centre skills), we would be delighted to have HR representatives and/or business professionals deliver such seminars.

The Partnership & Sponsorship packages
In order to meet the new needs of The Club and make our sponsorship fully compatible with our operations, the following structure is to be implemented. Please find information about the different opportunities below, followed by a more specific list of benefits for partners and sponsors on the next page.

  1. Fund Partners – RRF, ARF, EMF, REF (£12,000 each)
    Each of the four funds will have a partner whose marketing exposure will be specifically based around this theme. We believe that such system will allow potential sponsors to better target specific parts of our membership base and to better tailor the whole promotion experience to the company’s needs. The four Partners will be equal to each other in terms of their overall position in the sponsorship scheme. They will also receive the same exposure with the obvious differences.
  2. Club Sponsors (5 packages, £4,000 each)
    We appreciate that you might want to test the water first and start your involvement with us on a smaller scale. We are therefore looking for 5 Sponsors who would like to support the Club as a whole without specifying a particular preference and with a smaller monetary commitment.
    While we have tried to design a sponsorship structure which allows The Club, Partners and Sponsors to achieve their goals and extract the highest value from the cooperation, the terms and conditions of our packages are not fixed. We will try and tailor a package to your specific needs – please get in touch.

What we offer: benefits for partners and sponsors in detail
While we offer tangible and specific benefits to our partners and sponsors and these will be outlined below, we personally believe that some of our most valuable assets are the strategic plan we have designed, the position allowing us to benefit from the plan and the quality of our people demonstrating our ability to execute it.

  1. Benefits for partners & sponsors:
    1. Exposure through CUIC marketing materials; logos & slogans to be always included on front pages of our materials (posters, flyers, term cards, reports, minutes, summaries, presentation handouts)
    2. Exposure through CUIC’s own marketing and advertising, logos & slogans to be always included
    3. Exposure at CUIC events through posters, flyers, banners
    4. Exposure through the new website – partners and sponsors will be given lucrative exposure on our home page, leading to further pages with information about the firm and its recruitment, incl. links to external presentations etc.
    5. Opportunity to organise one company-specific recruitment event for CUIC members which will receive full publicity and marketing support from The Club
    6. Effective and efficient access to the Cambridge University talent market, including undergraduates and postgraduates at the University as well as Masters and MBA students at the Judge Business School – a unique opportunity offered by CUIC
    7. Opportunity to recognise, develop relationships and recruit the highest performing students, particularly valuable in the current market conditions
    8. Regular access to over 1000 members of The Club through our mailing list – an opportunity for a shorter piece of information on weekly basis + one tailored, fully company-specific e-mail to be distributed on your chosen date
    9. Access to other student societies in Cambridge, incl. Cambridge Futures, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, national and faculty societies, as CUIC Committee members are very well networked within these societies
    10. The Club organises several larger events each term and we would be delighted to welcome staff from HR or specific divisions on these events. Further, we would provide appropriate marketing and exposure so that our members and other attendees of the particular event would make the best use of this opportunity to meet our partners’ and sponsors’ representatives
    11. The Club is planning to gather and organise information relevant to graduate and post-graduate recruitment and provide this to our members – we hope that our partners and sponsors will provide us with their marketing materials which could be then accessed by people on request and/or distributed during our events
    12. The Club will have a significant presence at the Fresher’s Fair in October 2007 and we hope to offer partners’ and sponsors’ marketing materials at our stand
    13. The Club intends to produce its own wear, incl. shirts and T-shirts – these are to carry our partners’ and sponsors’ logos
  2. Please refer to the following page for partners-only benefits.
    Specific benefits for partners:
    Before listing the additional services offered to partners, we want to emphasize that one of the most important differences is that our partners are associated specifically with either RRF or ARF, as well as The Club overall. We believe that this association gives our partners’ campus presence a very different image – and we consider it crucial that The Club cooperates with both partners and sponsors to ensure that the image supported by The Club’s marketing and actions agrees with the overall marketing strategy of our partners and sponsors.
    1. Partners will be provided with an account and/or service allowing them to dynamically add news items to the CUIC website which be included on relevant pages, e.g. information about deadlines for graduate/summer recruitment, new opportunities, campus events etc
    2. Partners will have an extra opportunity to include their industry awards and achievements on relevant pages of the website
    3. We intend to build an internal membership database where members provide extensive personal information & details, incl. degree, career interests and experience. Our partners would be given an opportunity to target specific groups of students for specific roles through this database, i.e. to be given a list of names, contact details & CVs of final year engineers & physicists with interest in structuring.We believe this service could prove to be extremely valuable to both our partners whose graduate recruitment could be simplified and made more efficient in some specific circumstances, as well as to our members.
    4. CUIC will offer help with organising and promoting any general campus events of our partners, including venue recommendations, access, booking and promotion (cooperating with other student societies, flyering, postering, e-mails to members and other mailing lists, events summaries, calendars, specific ‘external events’ section on the website)
    5. Partners will have an opportunity to organise 2 CUIC-specific recruitment/networking events with The Club’s members, compared to one 1 event for sponsors
    6. We will conduct regular surveys within The Club and the University in general in order to address specific questions our partners may have with regards to their graduate recruitment. We are very much willing to tailor such surveys completely to our partners’ needs. The outcome of such surveys will be presented in a fully professional form of a report, including data, tables and graphs.
    7. Further, each partner will be assigned a senior member of The Committee who will be available to consult recruitment strategies and the process as a whole at any point during the year.
    8. As outlined in the Strategy section, we plan to establish competitions with similar student societies in UK, Europe and overseas. We hope that our partners will support such activities as these will give them a broader exposure across different universities and countries. We want these competitions to be named after the partner supporting them which will provide our partners with further exposure. Award winners will then be announced in student media at all involved universities which should further strengthen the value of such opportunity.
    9. In addition to the access to our mailing list offered within the sponsor package, partners will be given opportunities to both include more information in our regular e-mails and send more than 1 tailored, company-specific e-mails at dates to be selected by the partners

Total Capital Requirement

Total Capital Requirement GBP
Fund Capital Raising
Relative Return Fund 2008/09 Starting Capital 10,000
Absolute Return Fund 2008/09 Starting Capital 10,000
Real Estate Investment Fund 2008/09 Starting Capital 6,000
Emerging Markets Fund 2008/09 Starting Capital 6,000
Fund Administration
Access to Research Reports, Publications and Data Sources 500
Brokerage Fees 1,000
Club & Sponsors Marketing
Business Cards Design & Printing 500
Representative On-Campus venue suited to specific needs 1,000
Fresher’s Fair – Posters, Banners, Flyers, etc. 1,000
Special Marketing Material (Resume Books) 500
12,000 A4 Term-Cards 1,000
Customized merchandise for the club 1,000
Certificate Style Lecture Series (Catering, Certificates, Hand-outs) 2,500
Posters and flyers to be mailed across colleges and departments 400
Catering for events (at GBP 750/event; 10 events) 7,500
MasterClass (Venue hire, Catering, Printing and Publicity) 4,000
Virtual Trading Platform 5,000
Special Events and Competitions (M∓A Competition, Fresher’s Quiz) 2,000
Website Development&Maintenance
Domain hosting fee and special service provision 600
Webmaster updates 1,000
Philanthropic Initiatives
CUIC Scholarship 2,500
CUIC Library 500
CUIC Essay Writing Competition 500
Unexpected Expense Allowance 3,000
Total Forecasted Requirement: 68,000


The strategy outlined in this booklet is at the very forefront of student investment societies’ developments in Europe. Admittedly, it is extremely ambitious; however, we believe that our current position provides an excellent platform to execute our ideas.
The Club is well-positioned to benefit from implementing this strategy due to its large membership base, large pool of candidates for future recruiting and very suitable timing of this development. Further, The Committee has a proven track-record demonstrating an exceptional level of personal achievement and success in entrepreneurial activities and implementing ideas.
Ultimately, we see two ways our partners and sponsors will benefit from their cooperation with The Club. Firstly, their marketing exposure and general campus presence should significantly increase both the number and the quality of applications received through standard procedures.
Secondly, we believe there is definitely an opportunity for our partners and sponsors to develop long-term relationships with the most passionate and successful members of The Club which would allow our partners and sponsors to recruit some of the highest achievers looking to start a career in finance, thereby gaining a significant competitive advantage over other recruiters.

Please contact Pratik Dalmia, The President, or Zaid Khan, The Vice President, who will be able to discuss the presented opportunities further, explain and/or clarify anything you might want to know and arrange a meeting between your representatives and representatives of The Club. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you as a Cambridge University Investment Club Partner or Sponsor.

Contact CUIC

Pratik Dalmia
+44 (0) 790 786 4040

Zaid Khan
Vice President
+44 (0) 773 893 0758

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