Leadership in Education

Student Report – Young Leaders on the Bologna Process

Lucy Symons AIESEC speaking at EREFAiesec International Communications and Network Officer Lucy Symons presented the video “Young Leaders on the Bologna Process” at the European Regional Economic Forum (EREF), 8 June 2009, in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.
The Future Leadership Institute (FLI)* is a media partner of the European Regional Economic Forum (EREF).
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)
The video captures the voices of young leaders questioning, challenging and reflecting on the Bologna Process- the series of European reforms implemented to modernise the European schoolsystem.

For more information on AIESEC, go to: https://www.aiesec.org
For more information on EREF, the European Regional Economic Forum, click here, or here.
For more information on the 2009 EREF conference where Lucy Symons was speaking, click here.



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