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Student Report from SocialMedia@Work Seminar

The Future Leadership Institute* invited University of Hasselt student Alexandra Boogers to tell us of her experience at our Social Media@Work Seminar in London on June 21, 2010.
I entered a whole new world when I arrived at the Chambre of Commerce in London. I was the only student among people with lots of experience in business. Moreover, as a medical student, my knowledge of business was not more than reading an economic paper once in a while. It can’t be a surprise that I felt like an outsider at first. But the networking attitude of the others invited made me feel at home in just a minute.

The ‘How 2.0 are you?’ seminar was not what I had expected it to be. I bet nobody really got what he or she had in mind. No talk about Facebook that keeps on gaining members, because we all know that already. No, it would be a seminar about the impact on business by all those 2.0 methods.

The old model with the top-down hierarchy was compared to a newer model where customers get to say something and employees are more autonomic than before. In 2010 companies are obliged to listen to their customers. The Dave Carroll’s Youtube movie on United Airlines that broke his guitar is an exquisite example. Click here to see it. No customers policy? In the 21st century that means you’re a dead man.

What I remember the most of the seminar are the 2.0 methods that are so diverse. It is not only Facebook and LinkedIn, but an entire change in business where the client becomes the commander. Secondly, people can help each other out more than you think. By the end of the networking reception, multiple new partnerships were made. At last, for me personally it was quite an experience to get a taste of business life, even if it was just one afternoon.

Alexandra Boogers, Monday, 12 July 2010 | Student Reports

Alexandra Boogers, participant at The Future Leadership Institute Seminar on Social Media

Alexandra Boogers, participant at The Future Leadership Institute Seminar on Social Media

About Alexandra Boogers
Alexandra Boogers is a second year medicine student at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. She would like to specialise in Tropical Diseases and Urgent Medicine. Last year, she discovered Africa and fell in love with it. The fight against HIV and AIDS became a life goal after meeting seropositive children. In her spare time, she practices to get her private pilot license.

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