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“Risk@360degrees” Banking & Finance Conference

Michel Klompmaker 1

Michel Klompmaker

Topic: Monitoring risk on an enterprise-wide basis in financial firms
Organizing Committee: Banking & Finance Publishers
Media Partner and WSJE Networking Table: The Future Leadership Institute*
Description: Despite unimaginable amounts of regulation and legislation, the walls came tumbling down during an unprecedented crash in September 2008. More regulation was called for, more risk management, and also more supervision! One and a half years later, we still live with the impact of this crash. One thing becomes more apparent, we do not necessarily need more regulation or more supervision, we need more insight, more understanding, we need to link seemingly separate events and understand their impact and exposure in a broader context. Risk management is at the core of every business – without risk no reward, and in general, this is not a life-threatening situation. However, banks, insurance and pension companies are not normal businesses – they should be compared to surgeons. When something goes wrong, it impacts the lives of people and society at the very core. During this Congress, we will take a broad look at the true drivers around risk management in the current environment, and focus on laying a new foundation for the future. Understanding current, evolving and new risks will thus drive decisions across the board: not just in the compliance unit, but also the business operations. For example, how can we implement and embrace all of this, when the workload in risk management and compliance is already high?

In these traumatic times, we will also take a look at some topical areas. Cash is king, so we will have an excellent contribution on liquidity risk management. In a separate session, we will look at how to manage the risk and exposure on the ‘much maligned’ structured products and how to embrace innovation in that area. A presentation on systemic risk will provide us with an insight about how to manage the risk caused by specific events, not only on an industry, but also on the real economy as a whole. In the afternoon, a series of workshops will provide answers to the questions generated in the morning sessions. For example, what tools are available for obtaining an enterprise-wide view? What type of organization can best support effective risk management – centralized or decentralized? How do you turn detection into prevention when it comes to risks like fraud?

We conclude the day with a lively top-level debate where the gloves come off. Conny Dorrestijn, conference chair, will be joined by a very distinguished international panel comprising Prof. Dr. Sylvester C.W. Eijffinger, Prof. Dr. Peter Praet from the National Bank of Belgium, a senior supervisor from the ECB, joined by a senior banker from Macro Prudential Supervision.

Come and join us and be inspired by new insights from experts inside and outside the industry, join the workshops and learn, stay for drinks and network – you are most welcome!

Michel Klompmaker, Publisher
Conny Dorrestijn, Conference Chair

Friday 26th March 2010: “Risk@360degrees” Congress
08.30 Coffee and Registration
09.00 Opening and welcome – Risk Management@360 degrees: Chair – Conny Dorrestijn
09.15 The world we live in – Defining and measuring systemic risk: Prof. Dr. Sylvester C.W. Eijffinger
10.00 Structured Products & Risk Management – the way forward: Pieter Puijpe, Global Head Structured Risk, ING Group
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Risk management at work – how do we need to adapt our risk management practice to the new world order: Rudy Hoskens, Partner PWC
12.00 Risk – learn to live with it: Gert Joan Bouma, neuro surgeon
12.30 Networking Lunch
14.00 Workshops/Client Case Studies round 1
14.45 Tea break
15.15 Workshops/Client Case Studies round 2
16.00 Panel debate – Theme: “Macro Prudential Supervision”: Prof. Dr. Sylvester C.W. Eijffinger: Prof. Dr. Peter Praet, Director National Bank of Belgium: Beni Smaghi, Director Macro Prudential Supervision ECB: Pieter Puijpe
16.45 Networking drinks

How to attend ?
The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute has a networking table at the conference. Seats at the networking table are free but by invitation only. If you are interested to attend, send your full details to us via the “Book Now” button below + explain why you want to attend. The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute will then select the guests for the networking table.
Event URL: http://www.bankingfinance.eu/
Congress Location: HOTEL LE PLAZA, BOULEVARD ADOLPHE MAXLAAN, 118-126 , 1000 BRUXELLES, Tel : +32 2 278 01 00 – Fax : +32 2 278 01 01, E-mail: info@leplaza.be, URL: http://www.leplaza.be

26 March 2010 | FLI Networking Table | Le Plaza Theater Congress, Brussels, Belgium

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Michel Klompmaker
Koloniënstraat 11

The Wall Street Journal Europe
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