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UAMS: Leadership Seminar: Potentials meet Practice – University Antwerp Management School

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Organizing Committee:

-University Antwerp Management School
-The Future Leadership Institute*
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)
Potentials meet Practice
UAMS, St. Jacobsmarkt 9-13, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
11 March 2010 | Seminar | Antwerp, Belgium

Araz Najarian, Executive Learning Partnership
Kristof Mettepenningen, Founder Apollo
Luc De Maere, Parish Priest Saint James
Marc Timmermans, Hudson
Sien Luyten, Oraura

General outline Leadership Debate:
– Introduction to the various meanings of “leadership” and to the objective of the evening: giving young students an insight in what leadership is and can be, in characteristics and competencies, in how to develop leadership, and give them a general idea about how leadership styles are being applied in practice
– Various speakers, leaders in practice, testify about their experiences (12-15 min informal, personal testimonials)

1.What is leadership?
2.What are the essential characteristics/competencies of a leader?
3.Which leadership style do you apply?
4.Examples from practice
5.Leader or manager: vital differences
6.Message for young, ambitious students

– Debate focusing on “the leadership of the future” by moderator Gert Van Mol

– Q&A

The University of Antwerp Management School was established in March 2000 as an independent entity within the University of Antwerp. All postgraduate management training courses and the management-oriented master courses of the UA were integrated in UAMS. Apart from professionals seeking additional training in a wide range of management domains, UAMS annually attracts some 200 junior master students from Belgium and abroad. Immediately after obtaining their university degree or after an initial working experience (max 4), students come to UAMS to obtain an additional degree in management. The focus of all programmes is three-fold: students acquire additional knowledge on general management in a Master in Management or Master of Global Management, or they go for more indepth-knowledge in specific areas and take a Master in Human Resources, Master of Finance or Master in Management of Product Innovation. Moreover, in all programmes extensive attention is being paid to the development of vital management skills while at the same time students are prepared to take their career management in their own hands. For more information: please visit our website http://www.uams.be

Development Track
At the University of Antwerp Management School (UAMS) the development of a high level of self awareness and of critical management skills form an integral part of the full-time post-graduate management programmes. The development track focuses on personal growth and leadership while creating a constant awareness of the impact of our actions on others. In all master programmes a lot of attention is being given to teamwork and the ability to deal with diversity as the basis for resolving cases and assignments throughout the year. Presentation, sales, negotiating and a number of interpersonal and people skills are being trained during lectures, interactive workshops and residential seminars.

In parallel, an intensive track focusing on the development of career management skills is organized allowing students to prepare themselves for their entry or re-entry in the job market.

A final seminar concluding both tracks will focus on “leadership”. Students will be confronted with their personal leadership competencies and leadership style while interacting with experienced leaders from practice. Leadership Seminar: POTENTIALS meet PRACTICE. A few “leaders” are invited to testify about their experiences

When: Thursday March 11, 2010
Debate: 19.30hrs-21.30 hrs
Reception: 21.30hrs-23.00hrs

The whole debate will be video-taped by the team of BitstreamVisuals if participants agree.

Confirmed Speakers
Sien Luyten
Sien is a broker of entrepreneurship and network facilitator for start-ups and growth companies, established corporates, investors and public authorities focused on high growth tech companies across Europe. She runs trainings and seminars on vision building and creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for established companies looking to develop their innovation capabilities. Her focus is on designing and building multi-skilled teams who build gamechanging businesses from a raw idea to a robust and executable business plan. She is also active in the non-profit social services sector where she focuses on developing managerial competences and guiding strategic innovation. She co-founded Oraura in 2008 where she is Chief Enthusiast. Sien holds a degree in Philology and Linguistics (University of Leuven, Belgium), attended the Corporate Communications Programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) and holds an MBA from Flanders Business School (Antwerp, Belgium). She is also a certified NLP Practitioner.

Araz Najarian
Araz is a facilitator, speaker, and designer within the areas of leadership, strategy, marketing, technology, and innovation. She currently works with Executive Learning Partnership, an innovative group of leadership and strategy architects, enabling senior executives to reframe their company’s future, re-chart their strategic course and drive business performance through enterprise wide engagement. Araz is responsible for designing and delivering several projects enabling the development of next generation leadership in a number of organizations ranging from financial services, transport & logistics, telecommunications, and consumer goods.

Araz has also worked extensively in the non-corporate sector connected to youth leadership development, global talent supply programs and international development programs. With AIESEC International she designed and lead the creation and deployment of a new regional business development initiative, significantly increasing market presence in the region. She also led the strategic development and operational delivery of the global talent program, enabling organizations to source talented graduates from a pool of over 10,000 candidates in more than 100 countries. Prior to this she was responsible for delivering a program for the World Bank aimed at training 200 government officials from 65 countries and worked on several policy initiatives with the Government of Canada connected to innovation.

Araz has worked with teams in over 30 countries, primarily in Latin America and in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. She graduated with High Honours from Carleton University, located in Ottawa, Canada, and holds a Bachelors degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management specialized in International Relations. Her final year honours research paper focused on policy recommendations for the Canadian government to encourage sustainable business practices in Canadian industry.

Marc Timmerman
Executive Director Talent Management EMEA, Hudson. Marc’s work takes him close to the major decisions firms make on which of their talent to nurture and promote. His experience suggests that traditional models for identifying that talent may not be tap the best people, and that companies should pay much more attention to competency profiles in builidng a top tier management team. Hudson is part of the publicly listed Hudson Highland Group and is one of the world’s leading recruitment and human resource consulatancies. It has offices on four continents, including in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Kiev and Warsaw.

Marc will highlight some of his major findings in relation to his research on: high potentials & necessary skills and qualities to become a leader and on female leadership focusing on the competencies women to develop when growing into leadership roles (20 min).

Kristof Mettepenningen
Publisher and Founder of Apollo magazine. Entrepreneur. Leading Belgium’s newest and hottest quality magazine.

Luc De Maere
•Parish Priest Saint James Antwerp (Sint-Jacob-de-Meerdere Antwerpen)
•Senior officer ecclesiastical appellate court Dutch speaking region
•Judge ecclesiastical tribunal French speaking region
•Permanent representative of the Holy See to the International Committee of Military Medicine
•Founding president of the Flemish Working Group for Contemporary Latin Liturgy
•First Priest in Belgium to engage a marketing manager for his church
•Ranked by Le Soir as one of the most influential Catholics in Belgium
•Named by prestigious French Catholic Magazine Golias as future auxiliary bishop

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