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The Ten Commandments of NetworKing


NetworKing is not WHO you know that counts, but WHO KNOWS YOU!

The Ten Commandments of NetworKing
by Charles Ruffolo

The Future Leadership Institute* invites thought leaders, experts and decision makers to write about leadership techniques, research and resources. The below article is from the Netherlands based “NetworKing” organisation and the “10 Commandments of NetworKing” by Charles D.A. Ruffolo.
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute’)

Real Networking is becoming more and more important. Global business, the development of Social Media like LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook or Hyves, but also the new rules on spam and cold calling, they are all reasons to get Back to the Basics of NetworKing: who do you want to know, who should know you and how do you get in touch with them at the right moment in time?

In order to do that you need a Personal Network Plan. A structured approach that tells you how you can get in touch with those important contacts, get them convinced of your personal value to them and stay in touch on a lifetime basis.

For that reason The Network Wiser® was developed, a step by step approach that gets you the results that you want. For those professionals, either in profit or non-profit jobs, who want to be on top of things The NetworKing Academy was developed. In 12 weeks not only your own Personal Network Plan is developed, but you also learn to enhance your personal network skills as well.

A unique program that integrates the best of old fashioned networking with the use of social media. A program that makes you the King of YOUR network!

Real NetworKing is based on The Ten Commandments of NetworKing. Follow them and you will get the results you are looking for, time and time again:

  1. Who are you? Your personal statement that teases people to get curious what you can do for them.
  2. Be yourself! Authenticity pays, just as well as original added value and personal touch by YOU.
  3. Giving comes first! Your energy directed to the right persons that can give you a lifetime balance in giving and being given to.
  4. Who knows YOU? Not only your company or your job, but YOU.
  5. Be positive! Deal with people with enthusiasm, because you really care. Get the trust you want. Smiles are included.
  6. Position yourself! Use the tools to get known and be recognized as a gatekeeper in your field.
  7. ALL in? Can you really Ask the right questions, Listen attentively and Learn everything there is to know about your contacts?
  8. What can I do for you? The always relevant question that is on the tip of your tongue every time you get in touch with people.
  9. Always stay on top of things! Because you know the importance of following up on things. Either promises or spontaneous actions keep in mind you think of on the spot.
  10. Who are you again? Do you know how you are perceived in the real world as well as on line? And do you know how to affect that effectively?

Curious to know what YOUR Personal network Plan would look like and how YOU could become NetWork Wiser®?

Have a look at the site of The NetworKing Academy: http://www.thenetworkingacademy.com/ or email Charles Ruffolo at ruf@TheNetworKing.com

The Ten Commandments of NetworKing are part of The NetWork Bible that will be published shortly.

FLI Ruffolo-in-actionCharles D.A. Ruffolo – MPA

After Charles D.A. Ruffolo met his Dutch wife, Herma, the American soldier exchanged his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for Nijeveen in the Dutch province of Drenthe. He served and retired after 20 years from the military and is a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and served as a Battalion Sergeant Major.  He earned his MBA/MPA degree in his free time in the military and fine-tuned his natural talent for linking (networking) common interests.

These items created the capital for The NetworKing BV. Ruffolo is an International Speaker, Author and Trainer that has spoken in ten countries, presents over 150 times each year and has licensed his NetworKing concept into China, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, USA and the Netherlands.  He is an active member of various business clubs and serves on numerous business clubs and boards (Membership Committee American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, President of the Amsterdam American Business Club, Connect International and Founder of Foundation Giving Back).

Charles’s has written a book on Networking – “Network Your Way to Success” and has created a NetworKing card game called the “Ruffle Shuffle“.


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