Leadership in HR

The HR Executive Round Table – Vlerick Management School

Organizing Committee:

•Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School
•The Wall Street Journal Europe Future Leadership Institute*
(*Between 2007 and 2011 the Institute carried temporarily the name ‘The Wall Street Journal Future Leadership Institute”)

Topic: HR Executive Round Table
09 November 2007 | Seminar | Vlerick Business School, Leuven, Belgium

Profile of the MBA students
•30 nationalities (17 students are EU nationals)American, Bolivian, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Chilean, Colombian, Costa Rican, Czech, Dutch, French; Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Irish, Israeli/German, Italian/Peruvian, Kenyan, Luxembourger, Pakistani, Peruvian, Polish, Belgian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Tunesian, Turkish/American.
•background and professional experience is diverse: biochemistry, engineering, computer science, economics & finance, food science, biology, social science (mainly HR related), law, physics, pyschology, pharmacy, philosophy & theology, political science.
•the programme is a 1 year programme.This group will graduate in July.
•Minimum of 3 years work experience
•33% of the students have an engineering degree and 46% have a business/economics degree. 63% male and 37% female Average work experience is 6 years.

Leuven Gent Management School
Campus Leuven
Vlamingenstraat 83
3000 Leuven

Past Events · The Future Leadership program

HR Executives at the HR Executive Round Table at Vlerick Business School
 Pierre Devillers Electrabel – Suez HR manager Belgium – Luxemburg
 Flor Boeckx Dupont HR manager Belgium – The Netherlands
 Romain Verdurmen 3M HR legal affairs & facilities manager
 Avinash Chandarana MCI director of talent and development
 Robin Koopmans Borealis HR Area manager
 Philippe De Bock Telenet HR talentmanagement and recruitment
 Gert Van Mol The Wall Street Journal Europe moderator

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